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Chats with The Sativa

It’s a humid Thursday in the beautiful neighborhood of Shaker Heights, Ohio. Model Dajia aka The Sativa enters the Nature Center absolutely radiant. She shares that she just left a True Rest Float Spa where Reduced Environmental Stimulus Therapy (REST) is practiced by floating in a tub of 1,000 pounds of epsom salts. The practice is known to ease pain and tension in the body, reduce stress, and help with sleep and relaxation. The beauty seems quite relaxed and ready to get on with the shoot as we get her changed into her look for the day.

A trooper she is in this extreme sun and heat. Much like a gazelle she strides through the pathways in her heels and gives us the shots we need. After the shoot we sat down and had a quick chat about future projects and her inspirations in life.

What projects have you been working on that you’re excited about?

I’m planning to direct a visual to Music Artist and Spiritualist Londrelle’s Let Love Flow. The premise is taking interviews of different people on their perspective on love and self love and putting them to the song.

What do you want to see yourself doing in the next 5 years?

I know you see me in front of the camera a lot but I see myself behind the camera more, directing and cinematography, especially music videos but all of it honestly.

What is your dream modeling gig?

Savage x Fenty! Directing for them as well!

Who in the fashion industry most inspires you and why?

My friend Ciera, she’s come so far in her career! (Instagram: @Friskmegood)

What practices help get you out of your head in times of doubt?

In moments of doubt reciting words of affirmation, and immediately blocking out any negative thoughts. As of recently I was dwelling in doubts of myself but now I immediately block them out. I remind myself that I am a bad bitch and I’m going somewhere. I really remind myself and I stand in it. Also breathing and meditating and getting that extra oxygen that we really do need to clear our head. Taking a moment to breathe has helped me tremendously.

Everyone has times when they lack motivation, what do you need to get back on track?

I have 5 things that i need:

1-My child


3-Listening to motivational videos in the morning

4-My friends

5-My work

What does motherhood mean to you?

Standing in being imperfect. We as mothers usually over criticize ourselves because we feel we need to be the most perfect mother and we don't want our kids to repeat our mistakes but we have to stand in our imperfection. It’s our strength because no parent is perfect but we still have to be good for our kids.

How does your relationship with your child inspire you?

My kid is so special! He can feel when something is off with me and checks on me and he inspires me even when I have something bad going on, there is still good in life. Even if it's just him being himself. Him being here is my inspiration. I don’t know where I’d be without him.

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